Tortharry are one of the longest running Czech metal bands and almost iconic stalwarts of the Czech death metal scene. Their popularity in this country and abroad is based on their clearly defined style, their way above average musicianship and – even after more than 25 years of existence – on their undying enthusiasm for gigging and songwriting. They started their career with the demo tape called "Mezi nebem a Peklem". From this time they recorded another two demo tapes and eight full length albums when album " Follow" released in 2013 was especially well-rated. This band experienced few personal changes over the years but it never stopped them.

They played a lot of live shows on the worldwide festivals and club stages and tours a lot including gigs with the phenomenal cult band Death, the Brazilian icon Sepultura, as well as a South American tour with Gorgoroth and Belphegor. In February 2017 they toured over the Mexico and we can as well find them on many compilations CD over the world.

In 2018 their 9th album called Sinister Species was released out after long 5 years and rest assured the guys still have a lot to show! The new album was recorded in the new czech studio The Barn. With this album, the band goes around the whole of the country, and again takes part in a number of summer festivals (Kaltenbach Open Air, Gothoom Open Air, Czech Death Fest) and many others. 2 video clips were released for the current album. First to the song Without a Break and then at the end of 2018, the Odd Man Out + the band launched the first line of their perfumes for men and women.