Mortal Strike

Mortal Strike formed in Autumn 2009 in the great city of Vienna,Austria. The 5 boys with the different countries of origin only had one goal: To make the music that they all loved. Within a short time they started making a name for themselves in the Vienna Metalscene, as an innovative and highly live-fit combo. Their style has many influences of the oldschool thrash bands Sodom and Kreator, and even fast speed influences of bands like Stormwarrior. Even the austrian police couldn't change anything about that when they stopped one of the bands first live shows because of the loudness. 2012 saw the first lineup change with Martin,Felix and Adi leaving the Band, only for us to be joined by Etzi, Max and Dominique. 2014 saw the Band release their first full length album: "For the Loud and the Aggressive" to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Playing all over Europe since then, the band does not slow down. 2018 Sadly Mortal Strike had to say goodbye to iconic loudman and founding member Matthias and their longtime Bassist Dominique. Which has put the CD Production on hold. We have since welcomed Moritz as our new Bassplayer. We shall return with a vengeance! The tank keeps rolling!

on that note:

we are not silent
we are not daunted
and we are not joking
we are here for you
we support you
and we lent you our voice

for you are our sixth member, our strength - our crowd
In times of need, we shall raise the banner
for the chosen few
for the finest

!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE LOUD AND THE AGGRESSIVE !!!!!!!!!!