Legion of the Damned

Dutch extreme Thrash-metal outfit Legion of the Damned arose in the early years of the 21st century and quickly made name for themselves. Supporting established names such as Cannibal Corpse, Kataklysm and Sodom on European tours as well as playing legendary festivals such as Wacken Open Air. This all contributed to the quick establishment of their deadly brand of crushing thrash metal. Their first full length album Malevolent Rapture saw the deadlights in the year 2006. Quickly followed up by the highly appreciated: Sons of the Jackal in 2007.

The band continued their ravishing journey on stage while touring and playing many festivals as well as releasing a furious new album called ‘Cult of the Dead’ in 2008. Also ‘Feel the Blade’(a re-release of Occult’s album ‘Elegy for the Weak’) was released that same year. All albums were recorded under the watch of producer Andy Classen. Again many shows and festivals were played where the band claimed their dominancy as one of the most deadliest thrash metal acts alive in their time.

In 2011 the band tried a new direction and entered the Abyss studio in Sweden with producer Peter Tätgren to record their fourth album ‘Descent into Chaos’. A European tour followed with the legendary Celtic Frost and Kreator as co-headliners. This album also marks the final release with guitar player Richard Ebisch who was quickly replaced after his departure by Twan van Geel, who is still shredding the six strings from now on forth.

The band continued their extreme metal crusade while storming stages of festivals like Graspop, Masters of Rock and Summerbreeze etc. Followed up by another European crusade with none less than Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse on the infamous ‘Full of Hate tour’ in 2012.

In 2014 ‘Ravenous Plaque’ the new full length album was born, again under the trustfull watch of producer Andy Classen. The band showed more diversity by adding more blackened melodies- and solo parts to their aggressive music. As support for the album the band joined ranks with Sepultura and Flotsam & Jetsam for another European tour as well as playing the bigger festivals in Europe.

From here on the band explored new limits by going overseas, blasting their furious rage on stages throughout Brazil, Chili, Argentina and Mexico city. The band celebrated the 20th. Anniversary of their debut album Malevolent Rapture. After several headline shows in their homeland the Netherlands, the thrashing dutchies played across the globe: Blood was spilled and stages burned all over Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dubai, Lebanon, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam. In the meantime new material was written for their next demonic assault ‘Slaves of the Shadow Realm’ which will see the deadlights on January 4th. 2019. And so the horrifying legend of the Damned Legion continues, for they claim this to be their darkest release to date. Beware…