Located in the midst of Lower Austria, the city of Sankt Poelten not only gives shelter to the metalband EPSILON, but also enough stages to enter, a scene of sufficient dimension all over the land and hundreds of frantic metalheads essential for the band to develop and to find themselves over the years since their formation in 2003.  Primarily conceived to play Thrash-Metal with HipHop-vocals, they recorded their first EP entitled „Simple Life“ in 2006. Several changes of the line-up followed, leading to a big alteration of the musical concept and expressional attributes, whereby their current style can be assumed to be fucking Thrash-n'-Death Metal.  In the next two years, several dozens of gigs at the most different locations were performed, from village taverns to international metal-festivals, from whorehouses to established metal venues to support bands like OBITUARY, BENEDICTION, BIOHAZARD and many others, often favoured by the crowd due to their „we take no slaves – schutt und asche“-mentality. The constant and high-energetic live-presence, the nausea and the hangover of the following mornings and another, more diversified and sophisticated approach to songwriting led the five pussies back to the studio again in 2008, recording the „From This Pain“-EP. Critical reactions from America and Europe concerning the new material reached from „love it, it's a fist in your face!“ to „marginal shit; push it into your asses, there it fits best“ (reflects the gist of what was written). Fortunately, the critics only made them more independent and much more self-confident to proceed in making wide-based metal music with a broad range of musical influences and accentuated varying stylistic facets and characters.  Live they are best served and consumed before main meals like ILLDISPOSED, SIX FEET UNDER, BENEDICTION, HYPOCRISY, ASPHYX, BOLT THROWER and others of such manner. But based on their musical variety, openness and uncomplicated companionableness backstage, they fit to most bands of other artistic rock- and metalstyles as well, sometimes even to straight-edged Hardcore-Acts. Anyway, on tour or on festivals like Metalcamp, Kaltenbach, STP Metal Weekend and others, EPSILON even are so kind to consume the straight-edged guys ratio of beer. Throughout the years, Epsilon grew a considerable fanbase over the whole Austrian area, with some of the most dedicated and loyal fans, who love them for playing „gay music for gay people, but with the bollocks of elephants“. Hellyeah! As long as these people keep coming to the shows, rock the first rows, keep freaking out and do crazy stuff, the EPSILON-Polonaise will roll on and on. And to all those self-entitled oh-so sophisticated critics, reviewers, music-biz-scribbler-pussies and band slashers out there: never try to fuck them. They do it themselves!!