In 2008 Rainer and Martin. Z. started Enclave to worship the glory of 80’s Heavy Metal and developing their own version of fast thrashing tunes. Based on Bay Area Riffs and traditional melodies Enclave recorded their first Demo in 2009 adding current drummer tank Martin Gschöpf to their crew. After several years of lineup changes Rainer took over the position as lead singer and the band went to studio nailing their debut album United Desperation in 2012. Great reactions from press and fans made it possible to improve their live presence and took Enclave to tour across Austria and surroundings. In 2013 Mathias was replaced by current shredder Michael Schifrer and the band started preparations for their second album New Age Disorder which was released in October 2016 and received fantastic feedback from fans and critics. Reece Tyrrell joined the band in 2017 replacing Martin Z. Ever since their foundation Enclave made an impact on the scene as intoxicating live act and shared the stage amongst others with international top acts as Exodus, Heathen, Destruction, Gamma Bomb, Tim Ripper Owens, Vendetta, Steelwing, Skull Fist, Ranger, Nuclear, Insanity Alert, Eruption, Warbeast, and many more