Dystersol was formed in 2013 in Aflenz and is an Austrian Modern Metal band. With the first release, the home-grown “Welcome the Dark Sun” in 2014, the band experimented with different sub-genres and used this ambiguity to create a diversified album. After numerous gigs across Austria and Germany (including the world renowned Kaltenbach Open Air) and years of intense song writing, their concept had become clear. Heavy, shattering guitar riffs, groovy deep bass lines, crushing double bass drums and mighty orchestras and synths provide the solid basis for uncompromising growling and screaming voices. Dystersol’s style can’t be assigned to one specific genre, but is definitely exciting for everyone who loves to bang their head to modern heavy music. The first professional LP “The Fifth Age of Man” will be released on May 4th 2018. Recorded at Realsound Studio in Italy, mastered at New Alliance East and distributed via their label Wormholedeath Records, Dystersol is proud to share their latest piece of metal music. Thematically based on ancient mythology, this album addresses some of the reoccurring problems which run like a thread through the history of mankind.