One tale speaks of how Drakorgaur gathered the Debauchers on a great odyssey through the depths of Hell. The Debauchers were once righteous dragons who were ensnared long ago by evil she-demons known as Succubae. The Debauchers eventually turned on the Succubae and raped them before feasting on their demonic flesh. Already insane, such evil fare caused them to fall even further into the depths of darkest madness. Now they lust for violence and pleasure in ever more depraved ways. Of all the souls on Earth, they favour the vampires of the Kult of Blood Babes before all others and revel in their daily debasement.

The leader of this undisciplined, maniac horde is named Debauchery.

The humans and vampires of Earth worship him in perverse pleasure cults of deafening music, sex and violence.