Bullet Proof

BULLET-PROOF is born from an idea of Richard Hupka (vox / gtrs) in 2014. The band was completed by Lukas Hupka (Richard's son) on drums and Diego Polli on the bass. The band immediately intends to make powerful and fast music, according to the dictates of the american old-school (Megadeth and Testament on all) with a clear reference for an aggressive component, to the teutonic scene but maintaining strong melodies at the same time. After several line-up changes, Max Pinkle (gtrs) and Federico Fontanari (bass) join the band. Strong of these two members, the combo starts to work on recording and releasing of their first album via Sleaszy Rider Records in 2015. "De-Generation", this is the name of the debut record, and becomes from the beginning a great springboard for the combo. Follows a very intense live activity that brings "ours" on many Italian and European stages, including important festivals such as Rock Im Ring (Renon), a greek tour along with legendary Holocaust and various concerts with names like Testament, Raven , Graveworm and In Flames, to name a few. Ended the circle of dates, the band has no intention of quitting its race. In January 2017 Bullet-Proof go to the “Music Ink” recording studio of Arona(IT) and under Federico Pennazzato's guidance, put down 9 tracks for the new album called "Forsaken One" which is released on April 24th , again via Sleaszy Rider Records. Forsaken One is now being promoted across the europe.